What is patient manual handling?

If you are working in the healthcare sector you will have experienced over the years different names for the manual handling training you need.

patient manual handling

Patient Manual Handling, Patient Handling, People Moving, Manual Handling for the Healthcare Sector, People Lift and many others.

Let me explain exactly hat you need and why the different names. Persons employed to work in the healthcare sector are required to complete two training courses, manual handling training and people moving training. https://wdtraining.ie/patient-manual-handling-training

If you think of your normal working day you are lifting equipment, trays of food, moving beds, hoists etc. So, your orking day actually consists more of basic manual handling tasks than it does people moving.

But obviously you also have the requirement to assist moving your clients, this could include assisting to move them up the bed, lifting then from the bed to a chair using a hoist and so on.

Becasue you require both basic manual handling training and people moving training, we as instructors typically combine the 2 courses together into one and than is where you get different names used for the combined courses, we like to call it Patient Manual Handling.

You can read more on the requirments of manual handling and people moving in Ireland at the HSA website,


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