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Internal Audit & Consultancy Service

Within the aviation sector it is a requirement for all companies and organisations approved by the national authorities that are responsible for implementing security measures within their organisation to ensure aviation security carry out regular audits and inspections within their approved site to ensure security measures are effective and personnel remain vigilante at all times.

At WD Training Centre we have auditors and consultants that are qualified and certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) specifically for the purpose of providing audits within the aviation sector.

As well as offering services to ensure present approved entities remain fully compliant at all times, we also offer assistance to new companies and organisations that wish to apply to the national authorities for approved entity status.

Services provided include:

  • Onsite audit (includes full report and compliance recommendations)
  • Security Programme desktop audit
  • Development of internal audit system
  • Guidance for certified haulier new entity approval
  • Guidance for known consignor new entity approval
  • Guidance for regulated agent new entity approval
  • Guidance for known / regulated supplier approval
  • Guidance for airline new entity approval

As well as providing the above services we are also experienced and qualified in offering assistance to your internal QC team ensuring they have the knowledge and ability to carry out internal audits and testing within your organisation that complies fully with national, EC and international requirements.

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