Notice on Essential Training

In light of the present Covid-19 situation, and the restrictions imposed by the Irish government, WD Training centre has taken the decision to cancel all non essential training courses until further notice.
Only by all of us adhering to the current social distancing requirements will of the spread COVID -19 be controlled and contained.
However, throughout the country, essential workers, on the front line, are helping and caring for those who may be infected with the virus or who may become infected.
To support these healthcare providers, and those returning to the healthcare sector, WD Training is providing the essential training required for these front line workers in the healthcare sector. Courses include:
  1. 1. Patient Manual Handling
  2. 2. CPR / AED Training
  3. 3. Infection Control & Prevention
To safeguard attendees and our staff we have imposed the following compulsory measures:
  1. (a) Attendee numbers will be limited to a maximum of three per course.
  2. (b) Attendees must provide their own face mask which must be worn at all times.
  3. (c) Before entering the training centre all attendees will have their temperature tested using a none contact temperature probe.
  4. (d) Attendees must carry out hand washing in compliance with WHO requirements. Our Head Instructor will provide assistance and monitoring.
  5. (e) All practical demonstrations will be carried out by the Head Instructor and another WD Training staff member. Attendees will observe from a safe distance.
  6. (f) Should an attendee leave the training centre room to go outside, for any reason, they must, on their return, carry out full hand washing in compliance with WHO requirements.
  7. (g) All booklets / documentation relating to the attended course will be provided in soft format and sent to the email addresses provided by the attendees.
We have taken extensive measures to ensure our training centre has received regular deep cleaned and is classed as a safe environment. It is for this reason that we insist any person entering the centre is fully checked and receives hand sterilization so as not to contaminate the centre or other individuals.
Please check out our calendar for upcoming courses and the availability.
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