Airport/Inflight Suppliers Security Training

Staff involved in implementing security controls for airport & inflight supplies other than screening or having access to identifiable secure supplies (Includes those staff directly involved in the handling/preparation of supplies and/or those involved in the preparation/checking of paper work)

Our aviation instructor (Philip Beggs), is certified by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) and all courses are presented via an approved security training organisation (ASTO) ensuring all course content and legislation is fully upto date.

An online training option of this course is coming soon!
airport known suppliers             inflight known suppliers

This course will cover the following topics.

  • Previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation
  • EU and national requirements for known supplier security
  • Role & function of aviation security managers & IAA
  • knowledge of protection requirements for in-flight and airport supplies
  • Procedures for challenging persons
  • Ability to identify prohibited articles
  • Knowledge of transportation requirements
  • Response and emergency procedures

Who is this course designed for?

All staff working in a known suppliers company and in contact with identifiable secure supplies, as well as individuals requesting unescorted access into secure areas. The main objective is to ensure that all staff involved in the handling/preparation of airport and/or inflight supplies can apply a standardised level of preventative aviation security measures and understand the provisions of the company aviation security programme.

Course duration & Fee.

The course takes approximately 3.5 hours and costs 75 Euro per person.

 On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a known suppliers security awareness training certificate, which is valid for 5 years.

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